If you are looking for where to spend a pleasant day at sea, think no more, Isla Roots is your best option, that is why we have a day trip plan designed especially for you.

We are an ecological hostel where you can enjoy unique experiences, be surrounded by mangroves and be able to watch the sunset from the Caribbean Sea; In addition, we have amazing landscapes that will dazzle you because you are close to the great marine biodiversity of Colombia.

I tell you that we are located in Cartagena, in the San Bernardo archipelago, in the middle of Isla Salamanquilla and Isla Tintipán.

To get to our island there are three ways to do it:

1) From Cartagena:

The boat leaves from the Bodeguita dock gate 7 at 9:00 a.m. We recommend that you arrive at 8:15 a.m., so that it is more likely to get space.
This tour has an average duration of 2 hours and a journey value per person of 100,000 COP. To this amount, $ 19,000 COP must be added, which corresponds to the tax to enter the National Park (this is paid only once per person).

2) From Tolú – Club Náutico Altamar
The boats leave every day at 8:30 am from the Tolú dock. It has a value of $ 60,000 COP per journey and person; the duration is 1 hour.
To book, send a message to WhatsApp +57 312 6261376 or call the same number.

3) From Rincon del Mar
You can take a bus at the Cartagena transport terminal that will take you to San Onofre (the tour lasts approximately 3 hours). While there, you take a taxi or motorcycle taxi to Rincón Del Mar that lasts approximately 20 minutes.
Finally, rent a boat that travels to the islands or an express that leaves you at Isla Roots Hostal, the journey lasts from 30 to 40 minutes.

The price of this journey may vary, it is the local boatmen who stipulate the value.
Remember that the quotas in all the options are limited, so we recommend you make your reservation in advance, do not forget that there are luggage restrictions, the same weight that they ask for in hand luggage on plane is recommended, as it is a service of Marine transport.

What does the day include?

If you dare to live a day in our hostel you can enjoy the most exquisite preparations and various experiences in the middle of the sea.

At Isla Roots we have a varied menu for our guests that includes:

-Lobster per pound.
-Crab by the pound.
-Octopus per pound.

Also to cool you provide:

-Cocktails happy hour 2×1.
-Mixed- Gin & Free Cuba.
-Club Colombia.
-Natural juice.

We are recognized for carrying out activities of great value and fun, so venture into:

-Scuba Dive.
-Paddle Board.

Keep in mind that the day trip plans are from $ 60,000 COP, which are 100% redeemable in food, drinks and activities.

We promise that you will not regret it and that we will make your day one of the best of your life.

Book NOW through the web page experienceroots.com, on the Book Now button and become part of the Roots family.

We will wait for you!

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