Our island is one of the most striking and unique places found in Cartagena, that is why we are constantly asked many questions, and in this blog we are going to compile them and also give them answers to all of them.

This is what you should know:

1) Before traveling to Roots Island:

What are the biosecurity measures used by COVID-19?
We currently have no total confinement restrictions on the islands. We have biosafety protocols approved by the Mayor’s Office of Cartagena.

However, people who wish to enter the island must carry out the COVID-19 self-diagnosis in CoronApp and download your certificate before check in.

– Do they host minors?
Our policy does not allow minors to enter the facilities.

– Do you host families?
All members of your family are welcome, as long as they are of legal age.

-Can I bring my dog?
The entry of pets is not allowed.

-How can I book?
1. Enter the link
2. Select your dates
3. Choose the type of room for your visit
4. Select the number of guests in “beds”
5. Register your personal data in your reservation
6. Select payment method.
7. Verify your reservation in your email and check our travel suggestions.

– How long in advance should I make my reservation?
You can book at least one day in advance to ensure availability and to coordinate your transfer to the island in advance. Keep in mind that if you plan to visit us in high season, the ideal is that you book at least 10 days before.

– Do you give a discount if we stay more than one night?
If you book with us at least 3 nights, the fourth is free.
We also have different promotions during the year, you can see if there are any that apply for your travel dates at

-Where can I make the payment to reserve?
You can confirm your reservation by making the payment in the savings account Bancolombia Nº 098-8578-6178, in the name of GRUPO ALBATROS – NIT 901.136.324 or in the Paypal account

-Can I pay my reservation with a credit card?
Of course, in fact you can do it through

-Can I pay at the hostel with a credit card?
On the island the power supply can sometimes fail, that is why we recommend that you always bring cash for your consumption and activities.
Remember that your reservation must be 100% paid before your arrival.

– Do you have birthday celebrations?
We love that you think of coming to celebrate in our little paradise and we want you to know that we have a special plate for this type of occasion, however keep in mind that despite using decoration for the date, we do not use pumps, confetti, streamers or other elements that could generate contamination in the mangrove swamp.

2) To get to Roots Island:

-How can I get to the Island?
There are 3 ways for you to get to our beautiful paradise, book in advance, daily spaces are limited and they sell out quickly.

* Cartagena-Roots Island Route
The boat leaves from the dock of the bodeguita door 7 at 9 a.m. (Important to arrive at 8:15 am) The tour has an average duration of 2h and a value per person of 100,000 COP (+ $ 19,000 COP of entrance tax to the national park -this is paid only once per person-) .

* Tolú Club Náutico Altamar has boats every day at 8:30 am from the Tolú dock, it has a cost per trip of $ 60,000 COP, a duration of 60 minutes. For the return arriving in Tolú at 3:30 pm approx. They also offer transfers from Montería and Coveñas.

To book you must send a message to WhatsApp +57 312 6261376 or make a call.

* Rincón Del Mar you can take a bus at the Cartagena transport terminal that will take you to San Onofre (the tour lasts approximately 3 hours). There you take a transport (taxi or motorcycle taxi) to Rincón Del Mar that lasts approximately 20 minutes, and finally a boat that travels to the islands or an express that leaves you at Isla Roots Hostel, the journey takes approximately 30-40 minutes .

The price of this journey may vary, it is the local boatmen who stipulate the price.

-Can I take any luggage on the boat?
No, like any other maritime transport service we have weight and space restrictions for luggage, which is limited to a single carry-on bag weighing less than 8 kilos (accepted size for airplane cabin).

-Can you manage airline tickets?
We are an eco-hostel and as such we only take care of your stay on our island, everything related to transportation must be coordinated directly or with your travel agency.

-What are the times to take the boat?
The boats from Cartagena and Tolú leave every day for the archipelago in a single schedule – 8:30 a.m.

Remember to check and coordinate your trip itineraries very well; Reserving your space on the boat in advance is the only way to ensure your transfer and you must do it directly with the boat company since we do not have our own transportation.

-Is there any cheaper transportation option from Cartagena?
One option is to take a bus at the Cartagena transport terminal that takes you to Berrugas and from there take a boat, however if you take into account that the bus trip takes about 3 hours and then it is another 45 minutes by boat maybe decide that the price from Cartagena is not that high.

-Can I take a boat that takes me from Barú to the island and vice versa?
So far we do not know of any company or operator that performs this tour, so you must hire a private transport or return to Cartagena to take the Tranq it easy boat.

– Can I take a boat that takes me from Isla Fuerte to the island and vice versa?
So far we do not know of any company or operator that makes this tour, so you must hire a private transport or get to Tolú to take the boat from the company Mar Adentro.

– Can you pick me up in Coveñas?
We do not have our own transport, you can get to the Tolú dock and there take the boat from the company Mar Adentro. Remember that it is essential to book in advance and the boat has a single daily departure time at 8:30 am.

-Can I go to Múcura from your hostel? How much does it cost?
Of course, among our activities we have the beach day in Isla Múcura, it has a value of $ 25,000 and allows you to enjoy its public beach

– Can I go to Tintipán from your hostel? How much does it cost?
Of course, among our activities we have the beach day in Tintipán, it has a value of $ 25,000 and allows you to enjoy its public beach.

– Are they on the beach of Tintipán?
Although our hostel is part of Tintipán Island, which is mainly mangrove forest, we are on a small private island that only houses our cabin and has an amazing natural pool, but it does not have a beach.

– Do you have your own transportation?
We have strategic allies specialized in providing this type of service both from Cartagena and from Tolú.

3) Stay at Isla Roots:

-Can I bring my food?
The entry of food is not allowed. The local economy of the islands is driven by tourism and fishing, which is why by consuming the dishes specially prepared by our local cooks you contribute to the economy of our community.

-Can I bring alcoholic beverages?
The entry of alcoholic beverages is not allowed. We offer you a special 2×1 cocktail promo all day.

– What is the price of the food?
Breakfast is included regardless of the type of accommodation, and for lunch and dinner we have dishes from $ 30,000, you can choose between: fish, chicken or vegetarian dishes.

-Price of a breakfast?
In breakfast we have:
Egg Arepa $ 5,000
Egg arepa with crab $ 10,000
Full breakfast eggs to taste $ 15,000
Fruit portion $ 10,000

-Is there cheaper food?
We have different snack options, such as salchipapas, sandwich with potatoes and patacón with hogao.
Keep in mind that the dish of the day includes: soup – main dish and a non-alcoholic drink.

-How are the bedrooms?
* Private with air conditioning, you can choose between the different bed sizes; maximum is two people per room.

* Bed in Mixed Shared Dormitory multiple accommodation with air conditioning, mosquito net and fans. Maximum six people in the ideal room for groups of travelers.

* Brisa de Mar shared bedroom, it is a large space of 220 meters, we have bunk beds and hammocks with mosquito nets, 360 sea views, and high ceiling.

-What is the price per room?
-Private Suite – Extra Double Bed (2 people) per night $ 350,000COP.

-Private Couples – Double Bed (2 people) per night $ 250,000 COP.

-Private * Bunk bed (1 person) per night $ 120,000 COP * Shared Accommodation Maximum 2 people – Select (2) in quantity if you want Private Room

Shared Bedrooms (a / c)
– Bed in Mixed Accommodation * (1 person) per night $ 100,000 COP
* Maximum (6 people EL VACILE / 4 people EL BORO)

Sea Breeze (mosquito net)
-Bed in Bunk (1 person) per night $ 80,000 COP.

– Are there private rooms for three or more?
Our private rooms can accommodate two people in a semi-double bed. If everyone wants to share the same space, they must reserve in our bedroom with capacity for 10 people.

-What hosting packages do you handle?
The all-inclusive packages that we have available for you to rest and have an incredible stay in our little paradise are:

* TRAVEL COUPLE (2 people)

-Private Suite – Extra Double Bed
1 Night $ 1,120,000 COP
2 Nights $ 1,540,000 COP
3 Nights $ 1’995.000 COP
4 Nights $ 2’490.000 COP

-Private Couples – Double Bed
1 Night $ 902,500 COP
2 Nights $ 1,325,000 COP
3 Nights $ 1’710.000 COP
4 Nights $ 2’070.000 COP

* ONLY TRAVELER (1 person)

-Private Bunk Bed
1 Night $ 495,000 COP
2 Nights $ 670,000 COP
3 Nights $ 845,000 COP
4 Nights $ 1,010,000 COP

-Brisa de Mar Bunk Bed
1 Night $ 470,000 COP
2 Nights $ 640,000 COP
3 Nights $ 785,000 COP
4 Nights $ 850,000 COP

– Are there private bathrooms?
None of our accommodations has a private bathroom.
Our eco-hostel only has shared bathrooms, located on the first floor of the cabin.

-Why do the showers have schedules?
Our prime location makes seemingly simple everyday conveniences like clean water and power a challenge.

The island does not have an aqueduct, that is why the water to bathe is like a treasure and its hours of use are restricted.

-There is conditioned air?
We can assure you that both the bedrooms and the private rooms have fans, because although airs are installed, due to supply and energy consumption issues these do not work sometimes and we do not want to promise things that we may not be able to fulfill, that is why we prefer tell you that we do not have this service.

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